Homeward Bound

Despite Hollow’s protests, Owl insists she is able to fly home, however she is soon tired and the owls stop to rest in rookery copse. They meet the moth-eaten rook. His mate was killed in the hurricane, but he has adopted an orphaned baby rook. Owl says a final goodbye to the rook.

Weasel, Measly, Fido and Cleo return to White Deer Park and the other animals greet them all with great welcome. They agree to help out with getting rid of the rats (Weasel, very reluctantly). Mossy informs Hurkel that he has found Shadow but that she is in a hutch outside the warden’s lodge and cannot get out. The Weasels tag along with Hurkel and Mossy to help free her. Fido and Cleo are reunited with Rollo as they arrive at the cottage. Weasel and Measly bite through the wire of the hutch and set Shadow free.

The animals gather to watch Laird fight off competition from the other strong stags. Finally he becomes the new leader of the park, and is congratulated by Fox. The animals wonder if Trey has survived. Laird promises to help the animals deal with the rats.

That night Bully gathers his rats. By now there are hundreds of them, and more arriving every day. Bully announces that the time has come to take over the park, once and for all.

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