The Worst Kind Of Hurricane

When Mossy predicts a hurricane on a lovely summer day, the other animals laugh at him, but regret it when the terrific storm arrives.

At the housing estate, the hurricane bows down the great beech, and the last remaining piece of Farthing Wood is gone forever. However, the fall finally shatters Owl’s cement overcoat. Finally free, Owl announces to Hollow that she wishes to go home.

The Weasels are about to leave the wild boar’s copse, when the storm hits. The storm kills the boar’s wife, so he decides to take the piglet up country to see his grown up litters. Measly insists that the weasel family return to White Deer Park. For once, Weasel agrees.

The hurricane causes death and destruction throughout White Deer Park, and the squirrels (who sheltered in the trees) come off worse. Hurkle is extremely distressed as Shadow is missing. Little does he realise that the warden has found Shadow injured, and taken her to the lodge.

Fox, Plucky and Ranger find Trey pinned down by a tree. They try to remove the tree, but fail. Laird, the grandson of the Great white Stag arrives, and releases a badly injured Trey. It looks unlikely that he will survive. The foxes hope that Laird, a much nicer stag, will take over as leader of the herd.

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