The Mole Game

In anger at Sinuous’ murder, Adder goes on a killing spree against the rats. The warden then lays down some poison for them. This too fails to work, as one of Bully's largest rats eats the lot. Fox, who is becoming increasingly tired and frustrated these days, is informed. Fox is fast beginning to lose hope.

Meanwhile at the housing development, Hollow pleads for help from some other birds as he tries to find a way to free Owl, who is becomming weaker by the day. Another female owl turns up at that point, however Hollow refuses to abandon his ‘tatty old owl’. They try pushing Owl down from the tree in the hope of breaking the cement, however even that fails to work.

Back at White Deer Park, as Toad and Spike play a game with Mossy, where they have to guess where Mossy is going to appear, Bully and the rats surround them. Terrified of Bully, Spike does not help, leaving the rats to attack Toad. Mossy manages to get a message to Dash, who comes up with an idea. After she teases some of the young Deer, they stampede, just in time to stop the rats. The edible frogs take Toad to the pond to recover, where Spike begs him for forgiveness. At first Toad is unsure, then realises that Spike only did not help beacause he was scared.

Outside the park, the wild boar is trying to raise the piglet, however Fido and Cleo keep getting in his way. He finally tells the Weasels they all must leave his copse, but once again the twins and the piglet run off together to play their games.

As the Farthing animals gather together in the park, Trey comes along in a temper, looking for the rabbit which caused the stampede, even though she is a hare. He is about to stamp on Dash, when he is distracted by Mossy appearing beneath his legs, still playing the game he was playing with Toad.

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