A Bigger Oink

Hollow desperately tries think of a way to release Owl from her cement casing.

Fox comes up with a new plan to kill the rats, and drops them ones by the Warden’s Cottage. That way he will see that there is a problem, and do something about it. Later, outside the warden’s cottage, Plucky meets his father’s old friend, Rollo, who has been adopted by the warden. Rollo gives Plucky the idea to leave a trail of dead rats leading to the rat headquarters.

Fido and Cleo are busy having fun with the piglet, much to the annoyance of Weasel and Measly. As the piglet and weasels sleep, a wild boar arrives, ordering them to leave his copse. Weasel manages to persuade him to raise the piglet.

In response to the constant attacks by Adder and Sinuous, Bully gathers together a taskforce of his strongest rats. Having followed the trail of dead rats, the warden arrives at the headquarters with a shotgun to try and kill some of them, but makes little impact. Adder leaves Sinuous to sleep near the pond, while she goes to kill more rats. As Adder is busy attacking the rat headquarters, Bully’s taskforce finds the sleeping Sinuous and kill him, witnessed by Toad. Hurkel and Shadow arrive on the scene, but it is too late. Adder then returns to find out what the rats have done to her mate.

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