Scared Silly By Snakes

After speaking with one of the rats, who had a feeling of impending doom, Adder and Sinuous find their way to Bully’s nest. Bully, however, manages to escape to safety. After a frantic pursuit through the rat headquarters, Adder finds her way back above ground, whilst Sinuous remains trapped underground.

Toad expresses his concerns to Fox that the rats are killing all the edible frogs.

Whistler tells Plucky how they need his help back at White Deer Park to fight the rats. As the gates to the new reserve open to let a van out, Plucky sees his chance to escape. He jumps in the van. However the van starts to go the wrong way. Luckily though, Plucky is able to jump out when the van is held up by some sheep, and he is soon heading back towards White Deer Park where he is reunited with an emotional Dash.

Owl, meanwhile, is devastated as Hollow tells about another young pretty owl he knows, who will become his mate one day. Owl refuses to believe him, so follows him when he flies off to meet the young owl. However, she accidentally flies into a cement mixer. When Hollow returns to the Great Beech later, he finds her encased in solid cement. It is then he confesses to Owl that there is no young pretty owl, and that he only loves her.

Fido and Cleo blame Weasel for allowing Rollo to drown. Wandering beside a motorway the twins find and adopt a new friend: a young piglet, who decides to call himself ‘I’ll Never Be Sausages’.

Back at White Deer Park, the rats are about to kill the captured Adder when Plucky turns up. Sinuous also finds his way to safety.

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