Bully, Bully, Bully

The rat numbers are still increasingly rising. As Owl and Hollow arrive back at White Deer Park, they hear Bully announce that the time has come to attack and kill all the animals in the park. The owls fly to warn Fox and the other animals, and Owl proudly introduces her handsome new mate. The animals wonder how they can possibly win against the massive rat army. Plucky comes up with a plan to suprise the rats by attacking them first and driving them into the pond.

Pretty soon the final battle is underway. For a while it looks as if the rats are unstoppable, but then just as the animals are feeling defeated, Laird leads a stampede of the deer herd across the battlefield, killing many of the rats. Bully refuses to give up and calls for the surviving rats to attack. Cleo creeps up behind Bully and bites off his tail. Humiliated, Bully is led away by Brat to return to sewers. White Deer Park is safe once again.

The animals gather at the stone circle as Fox makes an announcement. Feeling old, he has decided to retire as leader of the Farthing animals. His grandson, Plucky, becomes the new leader. Just then Trey appears, alive and well and cured of his bad temper. He brings the news that White Deer Park and the new reserve have been merged, making one great big park. As Fox goes off with Trey to explore the new park, the animals prepare to begin a more peaceful chapter in their lives.

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