Tiffs And Tempers

Spike, one of the rats (although he prefers to be called a long-tailed personage) befriends Toad. However, unknown to Toad, it is all a secret ploy to enable the rats to spy on the Farthing Wood animals. Fox is not entirely convinced of Spike’s loyalty.

Away from the park, the Weasels set up home in what looks like a safe burrow. Very soon though a wildcat arrives, forcing Measly to entertain her in order to live. Weasel desperately tries to save her family by fighting the wild cat, when Rollo suddenly turns up.

Back at White Deer Park, Fox has more words with Trey in an attempt to forge peace, however it is in vain as Trey refuses to accept the other animal’s rights. That night, the foxes begin an assault on the rats, and soon realise just how outnumbered they are. Owl meanwhile arrives at a new housing development, which seems strangely familiar. It is, of course, Farthing Wood. Sadly all that remains of the wood now is the Great Beech.

The trouble is not quite over for the Weasel family, meanwhile, as the wild cat returns with two of her friends. Just as the cats are about to attack, Rollo wakes up and frightens them all away.

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