The Missing Fox’s Friend

Plucky is missing from the park and no one, not even Dash the hare, Plucky’s best friend, knows where he is. Dash searches and searches for him but cannot find him. She finds out from one of the squirrels that her father is missing and has been for days. Dash then discovers a cage been taken away on a lorry, just outside the park. The crate is carrying a fox, who is unmistakably, Plucky. Dash follows the lorry to a but she is not fast enough to keep up with it. She rushes back to the park to explain to Fox.

Later Dash and Fox head for the boundaries of the park so that Fox can witness the lorry. They notice that it is the warden who is taking the animals away. Fox is confused and does not understand why the warden would do this.

Meanwhile the Weasels still have no place to live. They have met with Bold’s old friend Rollo the dog who has agreed to become their “weasel dog”. He looks after them and brings them food Weasel is very satisfied about.

Elsewhere, Owl continues on her journey to find a mate, and is pursued by the moth-eaten rook, who has fallen in love with her!

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