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The new leader of the deer herd, Trey, is causing disruption among the animals. He loses his temper with Friendly, calling him a weasel, and forbids Leveret the hare from eating the grass on his favourite hill.

Now that the weasels, the only animal the rats fear, have the left White Deer Park. Bully their leader is in high spirits as they can now take over the park without any fear. Toad and Adder have both seen lots of rats near the park boundary, but when they lead Fox down there, the rats go into hiding.

Outside the park, Owl flies to a church belfry where she shelters while it is stormy outside. She shares the belfry with a group of bats who tease her about finding a mate. The leader of the bats brings back a moth-eaten rook as a mate for Owl. Angry and upset, Owl leaves, spending the night in a tree, in the pouring rain. In the morning a male owl flies down beside Owl. Owl is impressed by his handsome looks but his mate flies down beside them. She tells Owl of a copse she should fly to where there are plenty of male owls.

Meanwhile, Weasel has given birth to two baby weasels, Fido and Cleo, at a farm. She and Measly are trying to teach them how to be weasels, very unsuccessfully, as the twins would much rather act like goslings! The other animals at the farm all find the weasels annoying and hold a meeting with them where they force them to leave.

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