Comings And Goings

Spring has arrived once again in White Deer Park. The Great White Stag takes a drink from the stream, near the park boundary. Whistler swoops down to greet him but the stag does not respond, he collapses to the ground and dies. Whistler, very shocked, flies off to tell Fox the news. He is greeted by a very friendly Badger named Hurkel, and Shadow, Bold’s friend.

Whistler eventually reaches Fox’s earth to inform him of the stag’s death. Fox and his grandson, Plucky agree that a monstrous young stag named Trey is likely to take over as leader of the deer herd.

A gang of rats have arrived in the park from the sewers, and soon threaten Mossy, who is only saved by Measly’s sudden bravery. Bully, the leader, is determined to take over the park. However, the rats are terrified of weasels.

After squabbling with Fox, Owl and Trey, the bad tempered stag, Weasel announces she is having babies and is leaving White Deer Park because she is sick and tired of Fox picking on her. Owl also decides to leave the park so she can find a mate, after being teased by Weasel.

Adder finds herself a mate, when she meets a male adder called Sinuous.

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