Friends In Need

Fox and Vixen are hunting and it is obvious that he has fallen in love with her. When they talk about the fox hunters, Fox promises he will look after Vixen now. She says that what he is already doing for the other animals is very noble. Vixen says she will stay with Fox, at least until he finds his friends. Fox makes it clear that he wants here to be his mate, but Vixen seems unsure. They meet an owl who confirms that the Farthing animals have recently been past. Fox is especially relieved to hear that Badger is alive and well. He and Vixen continue their search. Suddenly the trail of scent they are following divides. They decide to split up to see which is the right track. Fox realises that he is on the right track when he meets the Butcher bird.

Meanwhile, the other animals are making their way up a steep hill towards a copse. Badger is finding it quite hard going with Mole on his back. Without telling Badger, Mole climbs down and ends up slipping back down the hill. With some encouragement from Kestrel, Mole finally manages to make it to the top of the hill.

Suddenly there is the sound of a horn being blown. A fox hunt is about. Fox hears the hunt and instinctively runs for his life. However, the hounds have caught the scent of another fox, Vixen! The Farthing animals watch the hunt from the safety of the copse. They suddenly spot Fox as he deliberately runs across the hounds path to direct attention away from Vixen. The hounds split and go after both foxes.

Fox heads up the hill, pursued by the hounds. Owl and Kestrel fly down and attack the hunt. Fox makes it to the copse safely, where he is greeted by his long lost friends. The hunt has gone back after Vixen. Fox is inconsolable. I’ve failed her he wails. I bet she gets away, says Toad kindly. The hounds continue to chase Vixen through the trees, but she makes it to the hill. The hunt is quickly gaining on the exhausted Vixen. The hunt leader’s horse is almost on top of her when Adder suddenly appears. She sinks her fangs into the horse leg, causing it to rear up, and send its master flying. Vixen makes it to the copse as the hunt turns back.

Adder denies that she did anything, It was sssome other ssstupid sssnake!, but the other animals know she was Vixen’s heroine and give her three cheers. Fox is delighted when Vixen tells him she would be honoured to be his mate. Welcome my dear, says Badger you are one of us now. Finally reunited, the animals celebrate.

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