A Time Of Reckoning

After sadly looking at his reflection in the canal, Bold returns to the churchyard, early one morning, to find a big dog barking outside Whisper’s earth. After a confrontation, during which the dog manages to knock Crow unconscious, it turns out that he is perfectly friendly. The dog’s name is Rollo, and he just wants to be friends. Over the next few weeks, Bold, Whisper, Crow and Rollo become great friends. Bold and Whisper even take Rollo hunting by the canal, when his owner goes away for a week, but he manages to frighten all the rats away by splashing about in the water. Then one day, Whisper announces she is expecting cubs.

Whisper tells Bold that she wants her cubs to be born in White Deer Park, where they can be near their own family. Bold is reluctant, as he swore never to go back there. He realises that Whisper only wanted him as a mate because of his father, but for the sake of his cubs he agrees to make the long journey. Bold and Whisper set off, but the weather turns bad, and Bold grows weaker. Whisper lets him rest, while she goes to look for shelter, but he is attacked by two ferocious dogs. Suddenly Crow and Rollo turn up with some food for Bold, and they scare off the dogs. Whisper returns and tearfully apologises to Bold, as she realises the sacrifice he is making. But Bold is determined to continue. He says that without help, he would have died long ago, so maybe there is something to be said for the Farthing Wood oath.

In White Deer Park, Adder is still in hiding, but her long wait to get revenge on Scarface is nearly at an end. Meanwhile, Vixen confronts Lady Blue, who is trespassing on Farthing land. After Vixen insults Lady Blue, the two Vixens have a fight. Lady blue bites Vixen badly, and Vixen rips Lady Blue’s ear apart. Vixen limps home to Fox who is finally determined to take action. I’m supposed to be a great hero, he says. Well it’s time I lived up to the reputation.

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