As the animals enter the town, a storm begins. Weasel is almost struck by a bolt of lightning, and Whistler has to come to Adder's rescue, when she almost gets washed down a drain. The animals must find shelter. The birds are already sheltering in a church tower, but when the animals finally get there they find no shelter as the church porch has collapsed. There seems to be no way into the church but Mole manages to find a hole in the wall and the animals all climb inside. Inside they settle down for a rest on the comfy pews and cushions. Toad joyfully starts telling the other animals about White Deer Park, the pond and the Great White Stag, leader of the deer herd.

The animals wake the next morning to find a bricklayer filling in the hole they came in through. They are trapped in the dry and dusty church, with no way out. Suddenly the door opens and the animals are forced to hide as a wedding party begins to come in. However when the organ begins, it startles the Mice who have hidden in there, and they run out into the church. Within moments there is chaos, with animals and humans running all over the place. The animals are forced to make a run for it, as the bride and her father enter the church. Mole gets seperated from Badger and has to catch a ride from Vixen. Weasel ends up catching the brides bouquet! Once outside the church, the animals in there panic run in all directions. The bride, meanwhile, gets a nasty shock when she reaches to pick up her fallen veil and finds Adder underneath!

A short distance away Fox, Vixen, Toad, Mole, Owl, Kestrel, Whistler and the Hares come to a stop. The slower animals have been left behind and Badger and Weasel have run off into the town. We’ve lost them, sighs Fox.

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