Between Two Evils

Fox tells Vixen that they should be at White Deer Park by winter. And in the spring, our cubs shall be safe. The smaller animals are once again falling behind and complaining that they do not get rests, like the faster animals. Kestrel brings news that there is a big road ahead. It was only being built when Toad last crossed it. Now it has been finished and it is a wide motorway, with six lines of traffic. White Deer Park is on the other side. The smaller animals want to go back, but they are still on hunting land, and the fox hunt is out today. It soon picks up the scent of the foxes. The motorway looks terrifying but the animals have no choice, they must cross.

The traffic on the first three lanes is hardly moving, so the animals decide they should be able to make it to the central island without too much trouble. The animals make a dash for it while they have the chance. The Hedgehogs are terrified but Toad tells them not to let their instincts get the better of them. The squirrels find an easier way by jumping across the car bonnets. Meanwhile, Adder has not even shown up. The animals all make it to the grass in the centre of the motorway, even though the Hedgehogs have a narrow escape. Fox asks Owl to fly back and look for Adder, who is refusing to cross the road. The animals have caught the attention of a family in a car, who start throwing things at them. Fox decides they must get out of there, but that will be easier said then done. The smaller animals don’t stand a chance says Vixen. Whistler offers to carry the small animals across, but he cannot take the Hedgehogs as they are too prickly. Taking their chances, the animals make a run for it across the rest of the motorway, but the Hedgehogs do not stand a chance. Mr Hedgehog curls up, and his wife refuses to leave him. They both perish under the wheels of a truck. The animals are deeply saddened.

Owl is still trying to persuade Adder to cross the motorway, I’ve no desssire to commit sssuicide! hisses Adder. Suddenly Whistler appears out of nowhere and picks her up. Fox blames himself for the Hedgehogs’ death, but Vixen and Badger explain that they would not have even made it this far if it was not for him. As Toad leads them away from the road, he promises it is all plain sailing to White Deer Park now.

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